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To view my Movie Clips please click on the Links below to access the pages where my Aviation Videos are, they will play by clicking on the text underneath the thumbs for each one.

Some of my Clips are on Flight Level 350 and in the past these Videos could be downloaded to be played offline but FL350 have removed the links to do this and are asking for a monthly fee to be able to save them, those Videos that I have uploaded to my own web space can still be saved as normal for playing back at any time.

Viewing The Clips

I would suggest viewing the clips in Windows Media Player and for those who do not have this Player in their PC or want to upgrade it to the latest version I have added a link below where it can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft web site.

These clips have a natural playing size of 640 by 480 pixels so this means that if they are played at the full size of a monitor it will degrade the quality so please bear this in mind when viewing them.

In Media Player I would suggest clicking VIEW - VIDEO SIZE on the Toolbar at the top of the screen and removing the tick from FIT VIDEO TO PLAYER ON RESIZE and also putting the check to play them at 100%.

Saving The Clips

For those accessing the Internet with a Broadband connection the movie clips on my own web site will not take too long to save and you will see a display on the screen showing how long they will take to download.

For those on a Dialup connection it may take some time to view or download them as the file sizes will vary from about 5 meg upwards so please bear this in mind if on a slow connection.

To save a clip from my own web site for playing offline right click your Mouse with the cursor on the orange text under the thumb and use the "Save Target As" option which will bring up a "Save As" box.

Due to the amount of web space involved I have uploaded some of my Clips to a web site called Flight Level 350 and those with green text under the thumbs indicate the Clips hosted on that web site. These Clips cannot be saved for offline playing unless a monthly payment is made to the FL350 site owner.

Streaming Video

I have chosen to make these clips up in Streaming Video which allows me to make them run for longer as the file sizes are smaller than the other Formats that I considered using.

To view them please click PLAY under the thumbs and depending on what viewer is being used they will start to download and should show a countdown as the file is prepared for playing.

I chose to make the dimensions of the Streaming videos at their largest available size so they are 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high and this should make them a good size if viewing at my recommended screen resolution of 1024 by 768.


Download Windows Media Player by - CLICKING HERE