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Dublin is a good Airport for viewing if you are a photographer so four of us decided to pay a visit there to coincide with the Ireland v France Rugby match as the French are always good supporters of their team and many charters take them to the away matches making it an interesting day out.

To do this we all booked a day return flight with Ryanair from Prestwick Airport here in Scotland to Dublin, flight times for this were very good and that was part of the appeal with a departure time from PIK of 7am arriving DUB at 7-35am and leaving DUB at 8-50pm arriving PIK at 9-25pm.

I left with a friend from the Glasgow area at 4-30am and we arrived about 5-20am with plently of time to park the car and check in for our flight then after a half hour sitting in the Cafeteria we went through the security check airside for our flight.

Being well aware that a small pair of flat top steps helps with viewing at Dublin I brought mine again and so did two of the other three and we all checked in our steps at the counter and carried them over to Outsize baggage for tagging, it might look odd taking steps on a plane but I've seen worse things being checked in and anyway I have mine in a black canvas bag when I'm on the move.

Everything was going smoothly and we boarded the Ryanair 737 which turned out to the the all yellow coloured Hertz logojet, with everyone now aboard and strapped in we pushed back from Stand and the tug detatched however instead of taxiing away we just sat there and after 5 minutes had went by the Captain made an announcement that there was a technical problem so we were towed back to Stand again. This looked ominous but after 20 minutes the problem was cleared up and off we taxied out to runway 13 for departure. Prestwick was very dull on leaving with heavy cloud but at half way in the flight there was a good amount of blue sky and on arrival at Dublin conditions were reasonable with broken cloud so on leaving the Terminal we got a taxi to take us to runway 28 which was in use at the time.

Runway 28 (see my Dublin map) is very good for lineup shots and for landers too so I was looking forward to this but just as had happened on my previous visit the landing runway direction was switched within 10 minutes of us getting there to runway 16, this is the slightly shorter cross runway running parallel to the Terminal and is on the other side of the Airport.

You can walk from the Terminal to the runway 28 viewing spot in about 25 minutes but from the Terminal to the runway 16 viewing point in the other direction it is 50-55 minutes so we managed to stop a cab to take us there and piled in all our bags and steps into the boot of his car.

I was the only one of the four of us that had been to the runway 16 viewing spot so that helped in knowing where to go, we arrived at our destination but it was before 10am though and at this time of the day the sun would have been in front of us if it hadn't been completely cloudy so it wasn't much use at all for photography either way.

EI-CNT 737-200
(Dublin 7-3-03).

EI-CJE 737-200
(Dublin 7-3-03).

F-GRND 737
(Dublin 7-3-03).

F-GNFT 737
(Dublin 7-3-03).

(Dublin 7-3-03).

West Air Sweden
(Dublin 7-3-03).

As I mainly shoot Digital now I took lots of shots of lineups and landers but with such dull weather many of them were not much good due to the conditions, the time passed rather slowly and some showers of rain went through which wasn't very nice but as I had been here twice before I had brought along an umbrella as there isn't that much shelter so it came in very handy.

By 12pm it was brightening up nicely now with the sun almost overhead but with thin cloud in didn't look to bad at all and we were pleased to see a West Air of Sweden HS748 taxiing out, the wind direction had been swinging around though and this resulted in a runway switch so this nice HS748 was the last aircraft for departure from runway 16 and we got some nice shots of it lined up.

So that was our morning by and this runway change back to 28 again meant that we had to head to where we were in the first place all the way over to the other side of the Airport and that required another taxi for the job.

The morning weather had been poor with low cloud and three or four heavy rain showers, during this time some of the French Rugby charters had been arriving and ones seen were 2x Air Med 737's & 1x A321, 3x Aeris 737's and 1x Euralair 737.

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