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We arrived at the runway 34 spot with improving weather and occasional sunny intervals so the first shots with sun were now possible at last.

It is at this place that my small steps came in handy again as you stand on the opposite side of the road on some rough ground where there has been rubble dumped here in the past giving some more elevation but at the highest point it is still touch and go to avoid the fence in shot for larger aircraft (my pet hate).

By using my small steps I can get comfortably over the barbed wire for lineup shots so I would advise bringing a pair if possible, I have added two shots onto my Dublin map with one taken while on the steps and the other on the ground so this should give you a good idea of the view from normal standing level.

The French charters were still arriving slowly but surely with some repeating during the day but in early afternoon there was 2x Air Med 737 & 1x A321(same as earlier), 1x Air Littoral CRJ,1x ATR 72 of Air Liberte and the star of the day an Iberworld A330.

F-GIXC 737
Air Post
(Dublin 7-3-03).

F-GYAM 737
Air Mediterranee
(Dublin 7-3-03).

EI-CNY 737
(Dublin 7-3-03).

(Dublin 7-3-03).

Air Mediterranee
(Dublin 7-3-03).

The area that you stand at here is actually a layby with space for maybe 20 cars or so (see map) and it was quite busy with the local spotters/shooters here too, a good thing about this spot is that there is a food van that sells hot rolls and drinks at reasonable prices so I had a roll and egg plus coffee to keep me going on this cold day.

This van is here daily as the road is one of the main ones out of the Airport so lorry drivers stop here for a bite to eat, handy to have if you are spending hours at this side of the Airport for photography.

It was mid afternoon now still with occasional showers but sunny spells as well so we were quite happy to get any sun at all after the poor morning effort.

An Axis 737 had arrived not long after the Iberworld A330 (one of the best of the day) but in very cloudy weather however we were very lucky an hour later when it taxied out and left in full sun so I was well pleased with that one, after that there were 3 more Aeris 737's (some repeating from the morning), a Monarch 757 and an LTE A321.

D-CBIG Beech 1900
Avanti Air
(Dublin 7-3-03).

Aer Lingus
(Dublin 7-3-03).

F-GIXG 737
Axis Airways
(Dublin 7-3-03).

Air Littoral
(Dublin 7-3-03).

F-GNFC 737
(Dublin 7-3-03).

We knew in advance that the LTE A321 was coming and I was very interested to shoot that one as they had only just got it but sadly it turned out to be what all shooters hate, no need to guess what that is yes an all white one (yuck).

As with many places these days if you stand next to a road with a camera you get tooted at by a small minority of the locals driving by and you may get the odd hand gesture too but never mind you get used to these weirdo's the more it happens.

with the time now about 6pm and fading light we headed back to the Terminal on foot which was about a 25 minute walk and made our way to the Foodcourt at the top level where we passed the time at the bar that looks out over the Apron and with just over an hour before our 8-50pm flight we all checked in and made our way Airside via the outsize baggage depatment for dropping in our three sets of steps.

So that was our day out at Dublin over and the Ryanair 737 headed back to Prestwick on time leaving at just before 9pm.

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