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My first day trip to Dublin was on the 20th of September 2001 traveling from Glasgow on a GO 737 and was a memorable one for all of the wrong reasons.

The day started off okay and when our flight from Glasgow landed the weather was part cloudy with reasonable breaks in the sky for some early morning sunshine, runway in use this day was 28 (the long one) so we made our way around to the viewing spot on foot which took about 25 minutes.

We saw a widebody on approach so I picked up my camera and it turned out to be a Delta 777 which was a fine start to the day, things were looking good with the weather and we were set for a full day at this spot which is the one that you want it to be at Dublin for views and you get the bonus of the handy food van that serves hot rolls and drinks.

From then on it all went wrong though and the first thing to happen was a runway switch to 16 so that meant landings were left to right and this required us to move much further up, I had a map with me that had crosses marked on it where the viewing spots were so we had a good idea what to expect with a raised bank on the opposite side of the road for this end of the runway so we set off and eventually got there after another 30 minutes walking.

The spot to use here is right in front of the long stay car park but when I climbed up the bank I was disappointed to find that it wasn't high enough to keep the barbed wire fence on the other side of the road out of shot for larger aircraft and just as bad it was more or less level with the runway with grass slightly covering the wheels, these are my pet hates so despite it being a perfect sunny day I didn't bother taking any photos from then on.

To make matters worse from midday I began to feel unwell so there I was on an ideal warm sunny day lying on the ground with my jacket over me and baseball cap on my face to keep the sun off, my friend had a camera hard case with him and was standing on it for some extra height but for me it really needed another 3 feet or so to improve the prospects for better photos.

Time ticked by very slowly for me and I was feeling worse now so we finished up a little early and decided to nip into the long stay car park and get the shuttle bus back to the Terminal for our flight that was due to leave at 8pm.

We got on the bus for the 10 minute trip back to the Terminal and feeling really bad I headed to the back of it, fortunately I just managed to get off it before being sick in the bus shelter. What a day this was turning out to be and it was going to get worse.

After 5 minutes for me to recover we made our way to the top level in the Terminal where the Foodcourt is but I couldn't face eating a thing and after what seemed an age struggling with that nausea feeling we went downstairs to check in for our flight.

I felt really bad again so as we edged our way forward in a queue of at least 30 people I spent my time crouching down at floor level nudging my bag forward with my foot.

At last we had got to the front of the queue so I stood up and my friend handed over his passport to check in first, I was really struggling so went down to floor level again but now it was my turn so I stood up and the checkin girl smiled as I handed my passport over.

She was busy typing away on her keyboard when I had to say "Sorry. Going to be sick. Got to go" and I about turned and headed off down the queue line like one of those Olympic Marathon walkers, I had only got about 6 or 7 yards when it happened. "R-A-A-A-L-L-L-F-F" followed by "H-U-U-U-E-E-E-E-Y-Y" as I decorated the GO checkin area various pastel colours.

I was crouching down on the floor trying hard not to catch anyone's eye but I could hear every word of what was being said. "I bet he's had a few too many". "Awe yuck, look at that". "Oh that's disgusting". I heard the checkin girl say to my friend "Has he had a few too many then?" and he said no only half of a small bottle of Lucozade from the shop here which was true because that's all I had all day.

A Garda bloke that saw what happened came over to me and said "Are ya all roit? too much to drink eh!". I said "Eh, no"", well I don't think he would have believed me about the Lucozade.

Almost instantly a fellow appeared with a silver metal bucket and mop, it was like he had just been beamed down and I reckon that Dublin must have the fastest puke bucket in Europe. He said "Too much to drink eh" as he put his mop into this unappealing puddle on the floor, I didn't answer.

My senses were slowly returning and that very hot feeling that you get after you have just been sick was subsiding so I stood up right in the middle between 30 folk in our queue and more that that next door for another flight, this wasn't in my plans for the day out having a technicolour yawn in front of more than 70 people. Still you just have to get on with things and I thought right that's happened so it can't get any more embarrasing.

Well that's what I thought until I looked down, when you are going to be sick and you're not near a toilet the natural thing to do is put your hand over your mouth but that has the unfortunate consequence of it going downwards rather than outwards so when I looked down it appeared that I was wearing a large dark blue bib over my blue pullover, not a pretty sight and I had to walk to the end of my queue and down the other side to head to the toilet and get rid of my jersey.

After a clean up I got back in the queue and checked in successfully this time and of course it was the same checkin girl as the first time which was quite embarrasing.

We made our way airside for the flight and I couldn't wait to get home since I still wasn't feeling good and was sick again so after getting back from that I was lying down on the seats with the baseball cap over my face again and keeking at the telly screen for news on our flight.

Up came the words DELAYED, it just had to happen on a day like this so I had to struggle through another hour before we were ready to board. Finally we were ready to get on the GO 737 so I grabbed my boarding card and headed for the queue to hand it over, inevitably it just had to be the same checkin girl again that I was sick in front of so it was card out head down and march on for me.

I spent the whole of the flight with my face buried in the seat in front and when I got home I saw every hour on the clock until 6am and was sick even worse than at the GO checkin, I'm still convinced that I was poisoned by that Lucozade in Dublin.

So that was my first memorable visit to Dublin and the most embarrasing thing that's happened to me at an Airport, this one was more like "Fred Barf's Dublin " than "Fred Hits the Road".

Prior to this one my previous most unfortunate slipup was my first visit to Heathrow in 1997 when I managed to mix up the Terminals and headed for T4 instead of T1 for my British Airways flight to Glasgow, this was a day trip and when checking in for my outbound flight from Glasgow I had also arranged a window seat from Heathrow back again so that I could go straight through and checkin airside as I only had hand baggage.

On getting to Terminal 4 I was told "Oh you've come to the wrong Terminal it's number 1 that you want" so I hurried along for the shuttle bus back to T1 and went straight through the security check with the intention of checking in there but just as I got to the counter my plane was disappearing around the corner.

British Airways were well over 100 for a single Standby to Glasgow then (ridiculous price) so I went to British Midland and paid 84 with them which was 14 more than what I had paid for my original return flight, a costly mistake.

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