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Having been to Dusseldorf before I knew that the best time to shoot there is from early in the morning up to about 2pm when the sun goes around and becomes nose on to the runway and the thing to do is bring forward your day so I had set my alarm for 5am on the Friday to catch a very early bus.

As it turned out the two buses that you can use from the ETAP Hotel at Lintorf (North Ratingen) to get to the Dusseldorf Main Railway station (Hauptbanhof) actually start their run from the bus stop just down from the Hotel, this is very handy because you can't go wrong going the other way back to it so no need to worry about missing your stop and ending up lost somewhere.

I got the 754 bus at 5-57am and paid the 1.7 Euros to the driver which took 35 minutes to get to the Dusseldorf Hauptbanhof, there you will find plenty of shops including a Supermarket which is the place to visit before heading to the Airport because the choice of food there is poor.

To get to the Airport you go to Platform 13 and this is easy to find because there have a plane sign and arrow to point the way, the cost of the trip is also 1.7 Euros and you buy a ticket on the lower level by punching in a four digit code for the intended destination.

I got the first Airport train to come which was an S7 one so that meant I had to use the new "Sky Train" monorail that runs from the main Terminal to the Railway Station, this was being built when I was last there in March 2002 and as it turned out it was the only time I got to use it as just after I got off it broke down and didn't work for the rest of my visit so I got sardined into a shuttle bus each time instead.

My first full day on Friday 12th July had very good weather from first light until 2pm when the best shooting time was finished and I went through 5 1/2 rolls of film but little did I know at the time that the next three days would be more like "Fred hits the buffers" than "Fred hits the road", here below are some of the aircraft from that day.

RA85771 TU154
(Dusseldorf 12-7-02)

Bosphorous European
(Dusseldorf 12-7-02).

D-AHFX 737
(Dusseldorf 12-7-02).

TC-OGB 757
Atlas International
(Dusseldorf 12-7-02).

Ghana Airways
(Dusseldorf 12-7-02).

Balkan Air Charter
(Dusseldorf 12-7-02).

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I left the Airport about 3-30pm and got the S7 line train back to Dusseldorf Central then headed for Burger King where you can get a good sit down nosebag, after that I got the 754 bus back to my ETAP Hotel in Lintorf getting there about 6pm.

(Saturday 13th July 2002)

For Saturday I had the same plan again and had my alarm set for 5am giving me plenty of time to catch the 6-07am bus to the Hauptbanhof but this time it had to be a different bus as the 754 does not operate at the weekend.

The only bus that runs from the 3 Hotels where I was staying on Saturdays and Sundays is the 755 and this one goes all of the way through Ratingen instead of the more direct route of the 754 so it took 50 minutes to reach the Hauptbanhof this time.

Using this bus you can shorten the travelling time by about 15 minutes by getting off at the Railway Station at Derendorf as this is on the way to the Airport when you get a train from the Main station but it is best to go the full distance to visit the Supermarket to stock up for the day.

The weather had been poor since my first look out of the window and it still wasn't good now that I had reached the Railway viewing deck at 7-45am with foggy conditions and no doubt the Airport was in low visibility procedures as I could hardly make out the control Tower at the main Terminal from where I was.

Fog at DUS
Various LTU
(Dusseldorf 13-7-02).

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These days I am much less inclined to shoot when the weather conditions are poor so I just sat inside the viewing area and let them go by for hours until the fog lifted and the light improved to a more reasonable level, the tricky thing at Dusseldorf for shooting is that the taxiways are quite dark and with so much grass it drops the light levels for the camera when it is very overcast.

Aircraft I wasn't able to photograph due to the dull conditions were as follows:-
Egyptair A321, JAT 737,Hamburg 737, KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70 (leased from BMi & in their colours with a bright green nose), Sky Airlines 737 (Turkish), Alitalia Express EMB145, Nouvelair A320, Macedonain 737, Bosphorous A300 and LTE 757.

The weather was finally improving just after 12pm and a Turkish Airbus 340 taxied down so it was time at last to start shooting Airliners and I took a good few as it went past and lined up, the Mahan Air A300 from Iran (one of my top targets) had arrived earlier so I moved to the main Terminal viewing deck to see it leave and got there just in time as it was about to taxi out.

The next good one was a Malev Canadair Regional Jet that arrives about 2pm each day from Budapest, their first one of these was due to be delivered in July so they are very new and I managed some shots of it as it taxied out for take off.

A nice surpise was seeing a Hapag 737 with winglets in the new scheme with three sports figures on the fuselage and although the sun was now moving around this was one not to be missed, I had seen this aircraft in a few magazines recently and it was a fairly new logo scheme.

D-AHLR 737-800
(Dusseldorf 13-7-02).

Mahan Air
(Dusseldorf 13-7-02).

Turkish Airlines
(Dusseldorf 13-7-02).

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So that was me for the day and I headed off at 3-30pm for my train to the Hauptbanhof and straight into Burger King for a feed, they do a very good Salad Bar for 2.8 and 4.8 Euro's and you can pile as much on your plate as you want which is good for me since I don't eat anything with a face.

After a visit to the Supermarket I was off for my 755 bus and the 50 minute journey back to the ETAP at Lintorf getting there at 6-30pm, not a good day with less than 1 roll of film (including views of the main viewing deck) taken but still I had the excellent day on Friday so hopefull it would be better on Sunday.

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