(Page 3) (Sunday 14th July 2002)

I had a look out of the window after my 5am alarm went off and didn't like what I saw as it was even more foggy than Saturday morning so off I went again for the 6-07am 755 bus that took 45 minutes to the Hauptbanhof this time, after stocking up with some food and drink I headed to platform 13 for the train to the Airport and got there at 7-45am.

It was a sad sight with very poor visibility similar to the day before so again fog had messed up my day and all I could do was sit inside at the Railway station viewing Terrace and watch as everything taxied past me, there was a number of different ones this time and the variety was not bad at all considering it was a Sunday morning.

I saw the following list but didn't shoot any of them due to the poor conditions:- Freebird MD80, Air Via TU154, Atlas International 757, Aero Lloyd A321(Trigema colours), Air Littoral Fokker 70, Tunis Air 737, Alitalia EMB145, Macedonian 737, Sky Airlines 737, Privitair 737(see below), LOT EMB145, Shorouk A320, Sun Express 737, Team Lufthansa MEB145, Montenegro Fokker 100, Cornus/Aegean 737 and Tarom 737.

One of the big disapointments on the trip was the Privitair 737-800 which Lufthansa has leased to operate a 6 days a week flight from DUS to Newark aiming it at the business traveller, this was one of my targets to shoot and I thought that it would have been painted into a Lufthansa scheme which would have looked very smart on it being a one-off in their fleet but surprisingly it had no titles at all on it not even "operated by Lufthansa".

The Privitair 737-8 was one that I didn't get to shoot on this trip since it went from the wrong end on the Friday when it was sunny and the two other times it was very dull so I didn't bother but anyway it was no loss because I shot some of them at Geneva in full sun in 2001.

Around midday the Pulkova IL86 landed in poor weather and I intended to shoot it going out despite the low light but just as it was getting ready to taxi they switched ends and it left towards me so that was no good at all, it was a pity to miss out on this because after Novemeber 2002 IL86's will be banned from operating in Germany due to noise restrictions.

So that was me finished for the day with not a single shot taken and lots of good things missed but if I had taken lots of shots I would probably have looked at them once and not again.

I made my way to the Airport Railway line and put my 2 Euro coin into the machine for the ticket as usual and got on the train which had been sitting there so was ready to leave, I noticed for the first time that people were putting the ticket into an orange box beside the machine so I realised that this must be stamping the ticket but as there are no instructions in English saying that on the ticket machine how was I supposed to know that.

The train was about to leave and if I got off it would no doubt go when I got out, for the previous 3 days I hadn't punched the ticket and that was 7 trips on the train with no ticket inspector appearing so now that I knew what to do I would do it right next time.

There I was looking out the window when the person opposite me reached for his wallet, I looked around and there were two ticket inspectors making their way up the train towards me it just had to happen after the day that I had at the Airport.

I handed my ticket to the first one and he spoke in German so I replied "only speak English", he handed it to the other one who said "you haven't stamped your ticket and there is a 30 Euro fine for this" so I said "Oh I didn't know there was nothing to tell me that". He said he would let me off this time but not to do it again so if you use the trains there always look for this little orange box because they are not that obvious and some are well away from the ticket machines.

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