(Page 4) (Monday 15th July 2002)

My alarm went off at 5-15am and I went straight for the window to see what the weather was like but it was very dull and raining slightly so I took the later 6-17am bus (754) as this is the one that doesn't go through Ratingen and is 15 minutes quicker than the (755).

After getting to the Hauptbanhof and visiting the Supermarket I made my way to the Airport arriving there at 7-45am but it was not a good sight with all of the runway lights on due to the very low cloud, as with the previous two days I just sat inside and watched as taxiers passed the Railway Station viewing deck.

Ones missed this day included:- Team Lufthansa EMB145, Air Via TU154, Pulkova TU154, Alitalia EMB145, Tyrolean CRJ, Finnair A319, Swiss EMB145, Crossair RJ100, Air Littoral Fokker 70, LOT EMB145, Sky Airlines 737, SAS 737, Germania 737, Hapag A310 and Aeroflot A310. This was the third day in a row that the Sky Airlines 737 (Turkish) had eluded me so I failed to get anything on them during this trip.

HA-LNX Canadair CRJ
Malev Express
(Dusseldorf 15-7-02).

D-ADBV 737
Deutsche BA
(Dusseldorf 15-7-02).

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It did brighten up after 1-30pm so I decided to go to the main Terminal viewing deck which only took 10 minutes on the shuttle bus as one was already parked when I got down from the Railway deck, as I was on it the best movement of the day landed which was an MNG Pax 737 one of the new start up's as this Cargo Airline had only recently started to operate passenger flights this year.

What rotten luck, if I had waited on the deck for 5 minutes I would have been able to shoot it taxiing past but when I got to the main deck I found that it had parked on the left which was in to the sun and the worst possible spot so that was that and no MNG Pax for me, this was now three poor days in a row now due to "Scottish" type weather.

(Tuesday 16th July 2002)

I looked out of the window to see a much better morning with well broken cloud, this was more like it so I headed off for the 6-07am bus and got to the Airport at 7-30am. This time I went straight to the main Terminal viewing deck rather than the Railway station as the views there are excellent although a little higher.

The sun was shining at last and I got out on the deck after paying the entrance fee and went straight to the top right hand side where a Condor 767 in the new Thomas Cook colours had pushed back and was taxiing but I missed it by about 10 seconds, no luck there so I headed to the left side to check out what was on the stands there and found an Inter Airlines 737 already pushed back and waiting to taxi. This new Turkish startup was one of my main targets to shoot so it was a good one to catch in sunshine.

All in there was 90 minutes of cloudless sky from 7-50am and I did 2 rolls of film catching up with a lot of the ones that I had missed over the three previous days such as Bosphorous European A300's, Atlas International 757's,Turkish 737-800, Air Berlin 737-800 and LTU aircraft.

TC-IEA 737-800
Inter Airlines
(Dusseldorf 16-7-02).

TC-OGC 757
Atlas International
(Dusseldorf 16-7-02).

Alitalia Express
(Dusseldorf 16-7-02).

TC-SUA 737
Sun Express
(Dusseldorf 16-7-02).

(Dusseldorf 16-7-02).

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After taking some views of the Terrace later in the day and a few others such as the Freebird MD80,Aegean 737 and Emirates A330 I headed off at 2-30pm for my train to Dusseldorf Central to wait for my 4-37pm ICE train to Amsterdam via a stop at Burger King.

I arrived at Amsterdam Central just after 7pm and transferred to a connecting train to the Airport that took 15 minutes so getting me in with plenty of time left before my 10-30pm Easyjet back to Glasgow.

Amsterdam is not that easy for the photographer at the Airport in my opinion and although there is a nice big Spectators Terrace I just don't like it because it is too high and far away from the taxiways so it is quite limiting what you can shoot from there.

Airside it is vast and you can wander around most of the connecting piers but the problem is the amount of ground clutter and you can't get into most of the waiting area at the gates either so it does make it difficult to shoot which is a pity because the glass is good with very little tinting.

I went airside 2 hours before my flight to have a look around the piers but the light was going quickly so the only aircraft that sat in the right position to shoot was this Malev 737 (you can see what I mean about ground clutter).

HA-LEJ 737
Amsterdam 26-7-02.

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Just after taking 3 shots of it a strange A300 taxied out with a red tail and white fuselage that I didn't recognise and it was too far away to read the Airline name which was annoying but as it turned out this aircraft turned up 2 days later at Glasgow on an Onur flight and it was Kyrgrytz of Turkey but I didn't manage to shoot it at home either.

So that was my Dusseldorf trip, just over 10 rolls of Fuji Sensia 100asa film taken there with most of my target aircraft shot but overall I was unlucky with the weather or I would taken much more than this.

Anyway I hope that this gives an idea of what a trip here can be like and for views of the Terraces and some Hotel info please check out the "Dusseldorf maps & Hotel" page.

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