We set off very early from our ETAP Hotel at Offenbach making our way to the Airport and once closer we were checking out the sky to see what the runway direction was by looking for any landing aircraft, right away it was noticeable that there was a runway change from last night and this time they were landing on 07 right and left.

This meant that we had to make other arrangements for our mornings shooting than to head to the Rhein Maine spot as yesterday so we decided on going back to the runway 18 spot and shoot landers coming in on 07R and 07L.

My first shot of the day was at 7-15am when at this time the sun is rather nose on but it improved steadily to be not too bad by about 9am.

As with landers on runway 25R from the Rhein Main spot this one is rather distant for 07L with a side on shot of the Varig MD11 that you see below being a full 300mm shot on my D60 equivalent to 480mm on a normal SLR, the other runway 07R is much better though and the Omni International DC10 below was 115mm on my D60 or what would be 180mm on a normal SLR.

The advantage of being here so early was that it was very quiet so we put our bags down at the far end of the platform so get the best spot for when the sun moves around behind in mid afternoon.

(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

UN-A3102 A310
Air Kazakstan
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

N49082 DC10
Omni International
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

RA-96005 IL96
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

4X-EBS 757
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

D-ABZB 747
Lufthansa Cargo
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

The SATA 737 (first thumb below) was at 1-30pm and you can see what I mean about the sun being rather on top at this time of the day, the Belavia TU154 was shot at 2-30pm and has less shadow so I would say that about 3pm is a good time to be here until the sun sets.

As with the previous day there was a slight tailwind if anything on runway 18 and many of the departures were still on the ground passing us or had the nose wheel just off the ground so that was a pity as I would have preferred rotation shots which look better.

Although this was a Sunday it was still quite busy but there was a drop in the interesting ones that we saw on the Saturday, again on Sunday the Tu154's that arrive in mid afternoon until early evening were nearly all tending to depart off of the 07/25 runway and not our runway 18.

It was disappointing not to have the chance to shoot these exotic coloured 154's and there was a good few of them that I had never seen before and couldn't even guess the Airline.

A Varig LOG DC10 was sitting at Cargo and in late afternoon a set of steps was placed again it so we knew that it was being readied for departure, unfortunately just before it left at 7pm some thicker clouds rolled over and made it very dull so my shots of it weren't as good as I hoped but still okay condering that I had to use a slower shutter speed due to no sun.

My last shot of the day was at 7-30pm when it was becoming too dull again so time to leave and head back to the Hotel on what had been another excellent weather day with hot sunny conditions.

CS-TGW 737
Air Azores
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

Air Dolomiti
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

V8_RBN 767
Royal Brunei
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

EW-85706 TU154
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

N101UN 737
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

7T-JJS 737
Air Algerie
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

9M-MHJ 747
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

LZ-BOI 737
Balkan Air Tours
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

ZA-MAL 146
Albanian Airlines
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

Turkish Airlines
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

Varig Log
(Frankfurt 22-6-03).

(Frankfurt 22-6-03).


The Spectators Terrace is very popular with spotters but it is limited for photographers until the sun goes around and starts to go behind you in mid afternoon becoming good from about 6pm during the summer.

On my first visit in 1999 I didn't know about the viewing area on the other side of the Airport for morning shots so it wasn't worthwhile going onto the Terrace in the mornings with the sun right in front and instead I timed it to arrive at midday.

It was very difficult though at that time during the summer as the sun is overhead and not good at all for photos, anything straight in front landing or taking off is a dead loss and taxiers very close passing by the Terrace don't look good with high sun so it only left the two access links to the right and left of the Terrace for half decent photos when they turn in heading to Stand, there was also the area behind the Terrace which wasn't too bad but these tend to be mainly Lufthansa.

Views from the Terrace are very good but it's a pity that it is South facing and takes so long in the day before the conditions are good enough to use a camera due to the sun position, the good thing though is that the Terrace is open until 88-30pm from March until October an hour longer than when I was there in 1999 so you can get a good three hours in the evening on a good summer's day.

As I mentioned above most TU154's tend to use the longer 07/25 runway so this can give excellent shots of them in the evening when they mainly visit depending on how they taxi to Stand.

If runway 25 is being used then from the Terrace you can shoot them on touchdown if you have a long lense greater than a 300mm but as the 154's park away up at Terminal 2 far to the left they will mainly head that way using the outer taxiway that goes behind a building right in front of you so that and various clutter spoils the shot, however if runway 07 is in operation they will taxi right past you on the Terrace heading left to right giving perfect shots if there is nothing parked on the front Stands of the Terrace.

I will have more details on the Terrace in my next trip report which was also to Frankfurt a month after this one so when I get to it I will add about a half dozen shots to my viewing map on Page 5.

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