Here is a map of Frankfurt Airport with some viewing tips for those who have not been here before, I have covered two of the three places that you can best use a camera and some photos will let you see what can be expected here.

The other obvious spot that I haven't covered yet is the Spectators Terrace because I wasn't on it on this trip but I came back here a month later and spent hours on the Terrace in late afternoon and evening so the viewing map below will be updated when I get around to writing about my July visit to Frankfurt.

Fred (19-1-04)

Having previously covered the two good viewing spots around the perimeter in my last writeup for the June 2003 visit I am now adding the photos of the Spectators Terrace taken on my second trip here in July/August 2003.

The new ones of the Terrace can be accessed by clicking the red dot where it says "Terminal 1" on the map and there are 9 of them taken in early evening of my last day here on this visit.

Fred (1-3-04)

(To view the photos please click on the red text.)

Page 1 (Friday 20th June 2003 (6 photo).

Page 2 (Saturday 21st June 2003 (26 photos).

Page 3 (Sunday 22nd June 2003 (19 photos).

Page 4 (Monday 23rd June 2003 (4 photos).
(click on the red text to access the page)


Page 1 (Thursday 31st July 2003 (3 photo).

Page 2 (Friday 1st August 2003 (12 photos).

Page 3 (Saturday 2nd August 2003 (10 photos).

Page 4 (Sunday 3rd August 2003 (6 photos).

Page 5 (Monday 4th August 2003 (4 photos).

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