We made a reasonably early start and walked from the Hotel to the Main Railway Station for food and drink at the Supermarket then made our way back again to pick up the car and headed off to the Airport, after a few wrong turns we parked in the Forrest area then walked over the Footbridge to the morning viewing spot (see my viewing map).

It was already about 80 degrees at 8-30am so the morning was spent shooting landers on Runway's 25 left and right with me much preferring the further away 25 Right for the better backgrounds, landers on 25 Left are sky only shots so not really my favourite for shooting unless it was something special.

There was plenty of American widebodies such as Continental, United, Delta and US Airways mainly landing on 25 Right. Some taxied all the way up to Terminal two on a link that is equivalent to about a 330mm shot for a 767-300 on a normal camera, I was using a 75-300mm IS Lense and with the Canon D60 having a cropping factor of 1.6x this was well within reach of my lense which is equivalent to 480mm on a Standard SLR.

As mentioned previously in my June 2003 Frankfurt trip report there are problems shooting anything on this taxiway due to the bad heat haze during summer and after 10am it became noticeably worse to the point where the shots were useless from midday onwards until late afternoon.

As with what you would expect these days with World affairs there was a strong US Military prescence in the landers that we saw including four C17's, a World MD11, Evergreen 747 and two ATA Tristar including the one in "Hawaiian Holidays" colours (thumb below).

Other interesting ones included an Air Dolomiti ATR72, Ukarina International 737, Adria CRJ, Turkish A340,Aeroflot A310, Iran Air A300, MEA A320, Kuwait 777, Emiratees A330, Sri Lankan A340, Varig MD11 and Lufthansa Cargo MD11.

D-ABTH 747
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

N675US A330
US Airways
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

N167AT Tristar
American Trans Air
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

N471EV 747
Evergreeen Int'
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

D-ABZC 747
Lufthansa Cargo
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

After taking some shots for adding to my viewing map on Page 6 we started the 30 minute walk from the Rhein Maine side in the mid 90's heat at 3pm heading around the path to Terminal One and the Spectators Terrace as the sun was too high now and not much use for shooting.

My first shot on reaching the Terrace at 4-30pm was the nice coloured TU154 of Kyrghyzstan below as it passed by on the outside taxiway heading for Terminal two.

When you are on the Terrace what you really want is for Runway 07 Left to be in use for departures as this gives much better airbourne shots and it makes all of the interesting Russian types that park further up at Terminal two taxi past the Terrace in front of you, fortunately the wind direction started to change in mid afternoon so there was a runway switch at 5-30pm from 25 to 07.

The general rule is that when Runways 07 Left and Right are being used aircraft heading out for departure will use the Taxiway very close to the Terrace that you see in the shots of the Air Kazakstan TU154 and Siberia Airlines TU204 so this is ideal if there is nothing parked on the Stands in front of the Terrace as they go past you right to left.

When Runways 25 Left and Right are being used landers will taxi up the outside link if heading to Terminal two like you see the Kyrghyzstan TU154 doing below, this is not ideal for all the clutter that gets in the way.

Directly in front of you is a building so they go behind it and after appearing again an ugly light blue fence gets into shot if you go for a slightly back angled photo although the fence doesn't clip the wheels so it's not a disaster.

Saturdays and Sundays are very good for TU154's, a couple of YAK42's and the odd TU204 these mainly appearing later in the day on the Saturday so that's good becaue with sun going behind from late afternoon you get a better chance of shooting them, on Sundays there are two or three TU154's in mid afternoon but a good few more Russian types from early evening up to about 7pm.

I was pleased with the Siberia Airlines TU204 below going past the Terrace late in the day and that was my first decent shot of this type after a few near misses due to being in the wrong place when seeing them.

So that was our first full day at Frankfurt on this trip coming to a close and at 8-10pm the Security people came out from the Terminal and asked us to leave for the Terrace to be closed, an excellent day with sunshine for nearly all of it and temps in the 90's.

EX-85762 TU154

(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

4R-ADB A340
Sri Lankan
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

D-ABTC 747
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

B-2447 747
Air China
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

UN 85780 TU154
Air Kazakstan
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

HL7415 747
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

RA-64017 TU204
(Frankfurt 1-8-03).

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