Saturday started with another clear sunny day and my friend had left in the early hours back to Cologne for the morning Germanwings flight to Edinburgh so I was on my own until Monday, after visiting the Supermarket in the Railway Station I caught the train from the Hauptbanhof to the Airport then made my way around the walking path to the Rhein Maine side.

Overnight an IL76 of East/West Cargo had arrived and parked at the top end of the USAF side but it was slightly blocked by a brick building so I had to wait until it left at 11-30am for some shots.

Being a Saturday there was quite a few more people here and about midday the police turned up so I watched them making their way from the top of the path where the Footbridge over the Motorway ends heading towards me as they checked lots of people's identification.

This was something that hadn't happened during my June visit so just as well that I had my Passport with me and the same thing happened again on the Sunday, it looks like they make regular checks on people viewing from here at weekends and you can't blame them so I handed over my Passport and the fellow got on his radio speaking to someone so obviously they were running everyone's Passport number through a computer looking for any background info that may turn up.

You have to remember that this spot is just down from the USAF base so it's good that they let you stand here at all and if visiting I suggest always carrying your Passport just in case they want to check you out.

My morning and early afternoon was taken up shooting landers and as usual at Frankfurt these included some nice ones such as a few Tupolevs, Yak's and even at Antonov 12 of Vega Airlines but I couldn't use that one as it was too far away.

This day was even hotter than the Friday with an afternoon temperture of 37 Centigrade but I like the hot weather anyway so had to keep drinking everything I could get my hands on to be comfortable with the heat.

I decided to move down the path at 1-15pm to between the two runways and shoot landers on 25 Right rather than Left as I had missed the Antonov 12 of Vega Airlines and a Kuban Yak42 so reckoned that there would be some TU154's not far away and sure enough a Vnukovo one appeared 30 minutes later just behind an Air China A340.

After a rather dull spell a couple of USAF C17's arrived and behind them at 4-05pm one of the highlights of the day that being an All Nippon 747 in the Pokemon scheme, this one was sitting on Stand when we arrived on the Friday but it doesn't leave until after the Terrace closes so this was my first good shots of it without an Airbridge and clutter in the way.

East/West Cargo
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

RA-85149 TU154
Aeroflot Doh
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

B-18803 A340
China Airlines
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

RA-85736 TU154
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

JA8962 747
All Nippon Airlines
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

I made my way around to the Terminal at 4-30pm and popped into Terminal Two for a bite to eat then walked on to Terminal One where the Spectators Terrace is, after the usual security check I made the long walk out to the end of the Terrace and being all concrete and enclosed it must have been well over 100 F.

My first shot from the Terrace was at 5-50pm and 15 minutes later a USAF C5 Galaxy arrived so good to catch what was the only one I saw flying during this trip.

Saturday evenings are very good for TU154's at Frankfurt and you find that they tend to sit for a couple of hours on Stand so there can be spells where you can look away to the left from the Terrace and see a big row of them and other Russian types all sitting side by side on Stand, after an Air China 747 taxied away I was able to get a long distance shot of 5 TU154's and a TU204 parked remote at Terminal Two.

When Runway's 25 are in use the TU154's mainly leave from it rather than taxi all the way down to the Cross runway 18 so you need about a 500mm lense from the Terrace to shoot them on a normal SLR leaving from 25 Right like you see below with the Air Kazakstan TU154, it was taken with a 75-300mm IS lense on my Canon D60 and then cropped in slightly to make full frame so you really need a Stabilised lense for such a long distance as this.

At 7-30pm there was a Runway switch to Runway 07 and this is what you want in the evening to make the Russian types taxi past the Terrace like the KrasAir TU154 at 8pm the you see below but the switch happened too late in the day for the good departure shots that you get from the Terrace from about 6pm onwards.

My last shot of the day was at 8-10pm of the KrasAir TU154 lifting off from 07 Left and just then one of the Terrace Security people came along to say that the Terrace was closing so this ended my long day and time to head back to the Railway Station for a good feed.

60017 C5 Galaxy
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

D-ABTK 747
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

OK-CGJ 737
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

UN 85780 TU154
Air Kazakstan
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

RA-85678 TU154
Kras Air
(Frankfurt 2-8-03).

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