Sunday was another clear sunny day and a temperture already into the high 70's early in the morning so after a walk to the Railway Station for supplies I made my way by train to the Airport and walked around to the Rhein Maine side for a few hours viewing from there with the sun behind.

As their was quite a repition from the previous two days I didn't shoot as many landers as before particularly as many of them were sky only shots with no background and the other problem was bad heat haze on the taxiway for Terminal Two ruling out anything using it.

At 11-50am a Cathay Pacific 747 in the special "Asia's World City" scheme was towed from a remote Stand at the bottom end up to T2 so I shot a few of this and have included it in the thumbs to show how bad the heat haze was distorting the photos, this would have been really good during Winter and Spring and the taxiway is within reach of a long lense.

There are a few Russian types on a Sunday and the more interesting ones arrive in the evening but I wouldn't be there for them this time having decided to travel back to Cologne on the Sunday evening for my 09-55 flight back to Edinburgh so rather than risk missing a later train I allowed extra time which meant missing the best conditions of the day from 6ppm onwards with sun behind and a good number of the best movements too, better to be safe with the travel arrangements though.

In early afternoon the first Russian types were starting to arrive and first in was a Kuban YAK42 at 1pm that landed on 25 Right so well out of reach and I couldn't use it below, following this was a Belavia TU154 at 1-30pm and a Transero 737 at 2-00pm.

Air Via and Pulkovo TU154's are regulars on Sunday afternoons and these turned up at 2-05pm and 2-50pm however by then the sun was becoming too overhead so it was time for me to walk back the 30 minutes to Terminal Two and the Spectators Terrace, I did that slower than Saturday with the temperture being 37 Centigrade so very warm.

B-HDY 747
Cathay Pacific
(Frankfurt 3-8-03).

EW-85703 TU154
(Frankfurt 3-8-03).

VT-EPX 747
Air India
(Frankfurt 3-8-03).

HZ-AKG 777
Saudi Airlines
(Frankfurt 3-8-03).

10191 C17 Globemaster
US Air Force.
(Frankfurt 3-8-03).

There were not many highlights when I was there but I only had 45 minutes on the Terrace before heading off the the main Railway Station and my connection train back to Cologne.

Well that's really all I have to say about Frankfurt Airport and having covered it in two trip reports now I hope this has given those who haven't been here before a good idea of what to expect as regards the views in particular for Photographers.

As I've said before I am not a Spotter and many may want to know more about registrations but there are plenty of other sources for this on the Internet, my aim for these writeups are to give some indepth details to assist the "Shooters" so I hope this has been of assistance.

As promised in my June 2003 report I have added views of the Spectators Terrace to my Map on page 6 and these can be accessed by clicking on the red dots to open up the thumbs pages.

Lufthansa Cargo
(Frankfurt 3-8-03).

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Page 6 (Frankfurt Viewing Map) (21 photos).
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