First look out of the window in the morning wasn't a pleasant site with low thick cloud making it very dull and we got to the runway 24L viewing spot for about 7-30am in the hope that the weather would improve as the day went on.

I just sat there on my little flat top steps until 8-05am when the CSA 737 came out from the Terminal and this time it was the special 80th Anniversary scheme so it would have been rude not to shoot that even with poor weather.

I should mention here that although the view from this place is very close I always take my steps which are 28 inches tall to stand on and this helps avoid a little of the fence showing at the bottom of your shots with larger aircraft.

I decided to stay where I was until I saw any improvement in the weather otherwise I would have been off to the liftoff spot that I used on the previous day and about 10-30am at last it was getting a little brighter so I set off on the 20 minute walk to the other, although this runway closes at 12pm I thought it worth the effort if the clouds were going to break particularly as the American widebodies leave in late morning.

Just as I arrived at the other end of the runway the rain started so I sat on my steps under my umbrella disappointed that the weather was ruining the day, I spotted a Malaysian 747 coming out from the Terminal and it was getting close to the 12pm runway closure but it lined up on it at 11-55am and as luck would have it a brief 5 minute bright bit coincided so this was one of the few reasonable shots that I managed all day.

Time to head back to the lineup place and sit under my brolly as the drizzle had started again, things didn't get any better over the next couple of hours so after shooting the Emirates A330 in very dull light we had had enough of this and headed off for the day.

Well that's all I can say about Tuesday it was a big disppointment and we could only hope for an improvement in conditions for the big day tomorrow.

OK-DGL 737
(Manchester 27-5-03).

LN-RNN 737
(Manchester 27-5-03).

9M-MPO 747
Malaysian Airlines
(Manchester 27-5-03).

View of 24L
British Airways 767
(Manchester 27-5-03).

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