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The following Movie Clips below were converted from a Hi-8 Camcorder which has a lot fewer lines of information than my new High Definition Camcorder and as these Clips are of a lower quality I have put them on a seperate page.

I dusted off my Camcorder this week for the Antonov Design Bureau AN225 the World's largest Cargo aircraft making it's first visit to Prestwick for four years.

We were very lucky there was sunshine when the huge Freighter made it's approach as there was Thunderstorms about for most of the day, as expected for such a rarely seen aircraft there was a fair sized gathering of enthusiasts here to see it.

As I had shot Digital photos of it last time in 2003 I decided to concentrate on some Camcorder footage so here is a Clip of it landing on Runway 31.

Another interesting new visitor took place at Glasgow today (Saturday 23rd June) when Virgin Atlantic commenced their first ever 747 route from here which is a short Summer program to Orlando so I brought my Camcorder with me for this first flight.

Glasgow is much more difficult than Prestwick to use a Camcorder with very few good vantage points so I climbed up the bank at the other end to record it landing on Runway 23 using my Camcorder close to the limit of magnification before landing.

Fred (23-6-07)

UR-82060 Antonov 225
Antonov Design Bureau
(Prestwick 22-6-07).
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(80 secs 7.5 Meg)

G-VAST 747-400
Virgin Atlantic
(Glasgow 23-6-07).
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(95 secs 8.7 Meg)

A special visitor made it's UK debut today at Prestwick so I went along to film it arriving and departing, this aircraft is Boeing's new "Dreamlifter" Freighter built to transport fuselage sections and other parts produced in Italy and Japan for Boeing's new 787 Airliner.

I decided to shoot it arriving from what is considered the wrong side as the sun would be in front from here but it was cloudy all day giving me this chance to get a better look at it.

There had been showers of rain before I arrived but it had eased off leaving the Runway rather wet and after touchdown the 747-LCF used a lot of reverse thrust to brake creating a big water display around the aircraft which was just as I had hoped so it made the Clip more interesting to view.

Fred (24-4-07)

N780BA 747 "Dreamlifter"
Boeing Aircraft Company
(Prestwick 24-4-07).
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(4 Minutes - 22 Meg)

I have neglected my Movie Clips section for quite a while and decided to rectify this by getting the Camcorder back in action again this weekend with footage from this visiting Spanish Air Force 707 at Edinburgh.

As we have had Easterly winds in Scotland for more than 2 weeks now this gave me the chance to use the Footbridge that looks down the Runway from the 06 end which was going to be the landing Runway for the 707 giving me the added bonus of it flying directly over my head so I decided to ignore photos on this occasion to try and capture action footage of this rare sight these days of a Classic 1960's Airliner.

Having browsed Airliners.net to see what the Spanish AF 707's looked like I noticed there was one in a mainly white and red scheme rather than grey and luckily that was the one that turned up.

I could also see from the photos they produced lots of smoke from the engines which was a factor in why I went for Camcorder action rather than Digital images, I wasn't dissapointed as it produced long plumes of dark smoke on arrival and departure.

In these clips I used the Camcorder close to it's maximum zoom capabilities so I had to practice on some landers before the 707 arrived and managed to find a method of leaning against the metal bars to keep the Camcorder steady and then turn around without looking and walk up against the bars behind me. Luckily for me my best effort was on the 707 so the landing footage turned out as I had hoped.

Fred (2-4-07)

T.17-3 Boeing 707
Spanish Air Force
(Edinburgh 31-3-07).
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(106 secs 9.9 Meg)

T.17-3 Boeing 707
Spanish Air Force
(Edinburgh 31-3-07).
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(118 secs 10.9 Meg)