Please Click the Ebay Image below for full details of the BP-511 Battery Covers that I have For Sale.

Having struggled to find some extra BP-511 Battery Covers for my spare Canon DSLR Batteries over almost 2 years I decided to do something about it and set about investigating how I could have them made as I could not find them anywhere.

I phoned around and found a local Firm in the Plastics Industry and paid them a visit with my BP511 Battery and Cover in hand to discuss what I would like to do and after an informative chat I left with a better understanding on what the processes could be used to manufacture them.

After a couple of days I received a quote but the price per Unit using the Vacuum Forming method was more than I intended to sell them for and it excluded a 300 charge for a Mould so I shelved the idea for the time being.

After some thought over the next few weeks I set about researching how to have the Covers made in the Far East where costs were lower and sure enough they were far more reasonable and in my price range so after ironing out a few problems on the payment side I got my project underway.

The reason why I had been so keen to have extra Covers for my spare Batteries was to eliminate the possibility of them Shorting on Keys, Coins and any other Metal they come in contact with.

Generally when you buy extra Cloned Batteries they come in a small cardboard boxes and I kept them in those but they quickly broke up and eventually I was wrapping them in paper or small plastic bags which is not the best way to store a Battery.

The Covers had to grip very firmly onto the BP-511 Battery and I wanted to make sure they would not fall off, what I want most of all was to be able to keep Batteries in my pocket amongst Keys and Coins without the concern of having them short out in my pocket.

Points Of Interest
1. Covers clip firmly onto the BP-511 Battery and protect Batteries from Shorting on Coins and Keys in your pocket or Bag also from the Battery contacts being scratched, damaged or becoming damp.

2. Produced by Injection Molding and made of tough and durable ABS Plastic, able to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear.

3. Very difficult to buy these for the batteries that you already have, rarely available - have a look and see yourself.

4. Useful if you have small Children in the Home to protect them from picking up a battery and putting it in their mouths while the Battery contacts are exposed.

5. Covers are also available in a cream colour, clip on a cream coloured Cover once a battery is discharged to avoid mixing up with your fully charged ones.