Registration : VP-CUB
Aircraft Type : Gulfstream
Airline/Owner : Kingfisher
Location : Glasgow
Date Taken : 13-10-06

Comments : The nice looking Kingfisher Gulfstream was cleared to Alpha 1 which meant it would go right past me but the Tower controller put it up Link Bravo instead to get it away before a landing Easyjet A319, not good for me since I had a short lense on my camera at the time but I fired off a couple of shots even though it was only half size in the frame.

My new Canon 400D is a 10 Megapixel camera and the main reason I have bought it is to be able to crop into the pictures and still get good images which will allow me to use new photo spots from further away so it came in very handy with this one, despite being so small in the picture I was able to crop into it and got this reasonable finished result.