I have decided to sell some of my Slides on ebay beginning with those taken in 2001 when I switched from Prints to Slides and going through the years from then on.

After more than 4 years shooting only Digital photos I have been back in action with an SLR taking new Kodak Ektachrome 100G Slides and I will be listing those as well on ebay so you will see some recent ones in the Listings pages.

To keep my fees down I will only be putting my Slides on ebay when they have free Listing weekends and at the moment these have been happening ever two to three weeks.

When I list Slides on ebay they will be on for 10 days so this means that by Listing on Saturdays and Sundays they will finish on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the following week.

I will put the dates when my Slides are on ebay here and on my Main Page plus on what dates they are due to finish.

Below are two links to my Slides for sale should you wish to browse.

Slide sales 1 (87 Slides due to end Wednesday October 12th).

Slide sales 2 (59 Slides due to end Wednesday October 12th).